Climate Resilience Adaptation Framework and Taxonomy (CRAFT)

Resilience First is working with key partners - Global Covenant of Mayors (GCOM), Arup and Resilience Shift – on the review, research and update of CRAFT.

CRAFT is a comprehensive framework that was developed in 2016 by Arup and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to provide for local government a means for reporting on current and future climate hazards and anticipated impacts as well as the status of climate adaptation planning, action and implementation. Indeed, CRAFT provided the first standardised reporting basis of climate risk and adaptation action for local government. Since 2016, CRAFT has been incorporated into the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) Common Reporting Framework providing the basis for the annual reporting made by cities and local governments in the GCoM alliance. Elements of CRAFT were also adopted into key private sector climate reporting platforms enabling limited cross-sector analysis and insight.

However, six years on, CRAFT has not been updated to reflect current data and analysis needs, and private and public climate reporting has diverged. This review and update of CRAFT will result in greater standardisation in climate reporting for public and private sector respondents and integrate sector data for more effective analysis and insight to inform planning and investment decisions by local governments and businesses.

Resilience First, representing over 600 businesses, and GCoM, with a network of over 10,000 local governments, are ideally placed to take forward key components of this review and update. Working closely across all partners, with a focus on the value that shared data can bring, we anticipate that a revised framework will be available for global use by the middle of 2022.

Keep in touch with this page as Resilience First will be working with our members on the business community input to the development of this critical tool.