The Cabinet Office has just published the UK Government Resilience Framework.

The document is based on resilience in six key areas: Risk, Responsibilities and Accountability, Partnerships, Community, Investment and Skills.

In order to be prepared for risks such as terrorism, pandemics and extreme weather, the Resilience Framework’s goal is to connect all levels of government, critical national infrastructure operators, the private sector, non-governmental or not-for-profit organisations, and the general public.

The framework highlights the importance of cyber security, the use of data, and a range of other measures designed to improve strategic planning. It also includes the forward planning for a National Exercise Programme and the establishment of a UK Resilience Academy.

Last month, in collaboration with the Cabinet Office, Resilience First and our Champion member PA Consulting hosted a workshop on a ‘whole of society approach to resilience’, with a particular emphasis on the role of business. With the resulting contributions from experts across industry, academia and government, we will be releasing a written blueprint on how to implement the whole of society approach to resilience in the UK (launching early 2023). To find out more please contact Beena Chester