Climate Resilience for businesses

Business is integral to society, providing essential services and livelihoods to communities, and boosting local and global economies. With the ongoing threat of climate change, it’s more important than ever that businesses are prepared to deal with the anticipated and unanticipated challenges, both physical and transitional, that climate change presents.

Building climate resilience requires an active approach that sees sustainability and resilience embedded in your business strategy from board level to operations and even employee wellbeing (read more about emotional resilience in the workplace here). Businesses should work to establish a climate agenda that identifies risks and vulnerabilities, and creates goals for mitigation, adaptation, and transformation measures.

Collaboration is key to building climate resilience. Climate change is a long-term, global issue, and businesses around the world are embarking on ambitious plans for mitigation and adaptation. Companies should work together to find solutions and prioritise knowledge-sharing as a key strategy towards resilience.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are also well-positioned to identify the opportunities presented by the shift to a lower-carbon and resource-constrained economy, and can work to drive diversification and innovation within the business community.

Resilience First is working closely with our members and the wider business community to drive climate action through the UNFCCC Race to Resilience campaign. Read more about the campaign and join us today.