In the 21st Century, building resilience is one of our most urgent social and economic issues because we live in a world defined by disruption.

Judith Rodin, Author of ‘The Resilience Dividend’, 2014

DiagramResilience is defined as the ability to anticipate, absorb and adapt to the kinds of challenges and changes that can destabilise – whether that is people, organisations or communities.

The common view of resilience is the ability to respond to sudden, short-term shock events such as flooding or terrorist attack, or long-term stresses such as droughts or pollution, and recover from them.

Such shocks and stresses are relatively rare. Far more common are the ongoing and everyday pressures faced by business communities.

This includes everything from localised crime and long-running travel disruption, to national or even global developments such as epidemics, recession, or the increased automation of labour.

Overcoming these challenges is crucial for all businesses, of any size.

Resilience First is a ground-breaking initiative with the mission to create and share resilience best practice for the betterment of both businesses and wider communities.