Derek Porter (Head of Intelligence, Security & Crisis Management, Safety and Operational Risk at BP Corporation), Chris Smith (Global Head of Corporate Security at HSBC UK), Richard Curran (Chief Security Officer, Global Cloud, Enterprise and Government Group Sales at Intel Corporation), and John Deverell CBE (CEO, Deverell Associates (chair)) all reflected on the major security challenges that had implications for resilience.

Here are some of the key points (made under the Chatham House rule):

Change your risk mind-set: “This attack was unforeseen, unprecedented but not unimaginable”.

No substitute for exercise: “I had a plan until I was punched in the face” (Mike Tyson).

People and personalities: “First and foremost are people, with all their idiosyncrasies”.

Trust: “Trust your team – you will all be tested”. 

Escalation, de-escalation: “Escalating late is far worse than timely de-escalation”.

Communication: “What do we know to be true? How do we know it to be true?”.

Technology: “Going from hype to deployment”. 


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