We are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of volatility, disruption, and change, exacerbated by multiple converging crises. In a fragile and interconnected world, complex disturbances, whether from natural or manmade shocks or stresses, can trigger dynamic and cascading failures that have far-reaching social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Organisational resilience has emerged as a critical strategic paradigm to ensure organisations can thrive in today's complex and rapidly changing business environment.

In a
dynamic and unpredictable business landscape, investing in organisational resilience is crucial for businesses to overcome shocks and secure long-term success.

Organisational resilience is widely understood as the ability of an organisation to adapt, withstand, and recover from disruptions while continuing to deliver value to stakeholders, but there is little consensus on what this looks like in practice and even less agreement about key drivers and metrics.

Businesses need a globally accepted definition, narrative, and model to understand, measure, and enhance organisational resilience, allowing them to navigate shocks and disruptions while thriving in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Resilience First has stepped forward to establish itself as the leading global business network focused on organisational resilience. In the coming year, 
we will be mobilising representatives from our network, engaging thought leaders, and consulting key stakeholders to develop a robust and comprehensive, by business, for business impact model for measuring and enhancing organisational resilience.

If you are interested in contributing or sponsoring our organisational resilience programme, please contact Beena Chester at contact@resiliencefirst.co.uk