As with any other year, COP26 has not been without controversy. From charges of a locked-out Global South to ableism to the high carbon footprint of the conference menu, COP26 has attracted significant criticism in the media and on social channels. It’s difficult, too, not to come to the conclusion that the COP has largely become a PR circus, as actors across governments, NGOs, and activism jostle to advance their respective climate change agendas.

Meanwhile, the existential threat of climate change looms large – and it’s time to get cut through. That’s why, in partnership with The Resilience Shift and our Ambassador, Wood, we were at this year’s COP with our series of fringe events, exploring the ways in which business can step up with common purpose to make the difference we urgently need to see. With Government constrained by world politics and a public unlikely to show much enthusiasm about meeting the full cost of action on climate change, it’s never been clearer that it’s up to business to take the lead on the adaptation and mitigation required to limit the potentially devastating consequences of our warming planet: protecting people and prosperity, as well as nature and biodiversity.

The challenge is great, but there’s good news, too – if the will is there. The practical, game-changing interventions of finance, both private and public, and technology are available to us. What’s required from the Government now are the necessary frameworks to enable business to drive their successful delivery at pace.

And while much focus for CEOs and NEDs is rightly on the #RaceToZero, we’d urge businesses to ensure that climate resilience remains a top priority in the fight against the locked-in impacts of climate change – and amid the context of an uncertain future. The #RaceToResilience is an excellent initiative, enabling business to develop climate change resilience through measuring performance and sharing best practice – safeguarding the world’s most vulnerable frontline communities and ensuring business continuity and continued success. Contact Beena Chester at to find out how to join us in a race we have to win.

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