All facets of society urgently need to build asset and infrastructure resilience to climate change and other uncertainties, such as pandemic, cyberterrorism, system failure or other emerging areas of vulnerability.

Infrastructure resilience is the ability to withstand, adapt to changing conditions and recover from shocks and stresses, to be able to continue to provide essential services for local communities.

The Resilience Realized Awards will give recognition to those projects around the world that are at the cutting edge of resilience. They will showcase organisations, teams and governments that are inspiring transformational change to create resilient outcomes against current and future uncertainties.

Developed with the global firm, Wood, Resilience Realized will give recognition to projects around the world that are at the cutting edge of resilience for assets and infrastructure systems. The awards will open on 1 November 2021 and all organisations can enter – with this year’s focus on energy resilience but projects can originate from any sector.

Resilience Realized will bring together the best examples globally of innovative approaches to creating and realizing resilient infrastructure systems in practice.

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