UK Power Networks is one of the UK’s largest Distribution Network Operators, covering the East of England, the South East of England, and London. It is our job to ensure the infrastructure that brings power to homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and other public services continues to deliver reliable, safe and sustainable electricity for today and tomorrow. Our responsibilities include maintaining the safety and reliability of the electricity networks, connecting new customers’ premises to electricity, and extending and upgrading the electricity network to meet changing needs as our economy transitions to low carbon. From underground cables to overhead power lines, small rural substations to complex delivery networks in the capital, we’re working on the electricity network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure the lights don’t go out. Safety and customer service and costs are our top priorities, these are at the heart of everything we do.

“In these days of increasing risks and threats from ever-changing technological, commercial and environmental challenges, it is vital to be more adaptable, flexible and agile. These characteristics are typical of a resilient organisation. Being a resilient business is relevant to all aspects of our operations, and UK Power Networks strives to ensure that we can adequately respond to events ranging from weather to cyber to having access to sufficient resources, including staff, information technology and finance, to meet our customers’ needs on a day to day basis. Being a part of the Resilience First Initiative allows UK Power Networks the unique opportunity to invest in our communities by working with other organisations to enhance the resilience of our capital city.”

Basil Scarsella, CEO, UK Power Networks