The Engineering Leadership Group (ELG) is a joint initiative of Resilience First and the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, members of the Resilience Rising Consortium. It delivers an informed and much-needed voice to drive impact and influence policy decisions and investment priorities. Capturing the voice of global engineering-inclusive organisations committed to advancing infrastructure sustainability, resilience and climate action through global advocacy and targeting the most critical international decision-making bodies considering the future of the built and natural environment.

On 3 March 2023, one year after the establishment of the ELG, the new Manifesto was launched. 

The Manifesto advocates for infrastructure that is fit for the future, while outlining actions that can be taken by engineering-inclusive organisations to advance the development of equitable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure. It calls on private sector organisations to work closely with governments towards this goal.

Notably, the ELG Manifesto highlights actions that can be taken around decarbonisation, pre-development funding, policy and regulatory frameworks, and the incorporation of nature-based solutions.

"The ELG seeks to close the critical gap between the engineering and built environment community and those setting global policy on infrastructure resilience and sustainability. By bringing together organizations with a commitment to offering expertise to inform policy decisions, the ELG aims to be a catalyst in the fight against the impacts of climate change and to help design and build infrastructure that is fit for the future and leaves no one behind. The Manifesto is the first step in transforming these aims into reality. It conveys the vision of the ELG and outlines the role of engineering-inclusive organizations in the development of the equitable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure that our society and planet need." Peter Chamley, Former Chair, ELG

Download the full ELG Manifesto here.

If you are interested in getting involved please email George Karagiannis on