Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience, for Resilience First members only.

This report examines the opportunities for stronger interactions between the public and private sectors in contributing to National Resilience.

A guide for small and micro businesses with key focus areas identified to start a process of resilient recovery.

To build back better, the government needs to find ways to effectively partner with other organisations, this report outlines what those partnerships might look like.

A guide for governments regarding the development and implementation of public policies for Disaster Risk Management in the context of increasing international crises and their impact on young people and adolescents.

This report draws attention to the urgency to improve cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to increase readiness and resilience to hybrid challenges.

A guide for non-executive directors on what challenges to make in front of boards.

A whitepaper from Resilience First looks at the way technologies can help reach net-zero targets

This report looks at how the UK needs to respond to climate change with an assessment of the UK’s climate risks and where a lack of appropriate action over the previous 5 years will lead to future costs.

A report evidencing the relationship between sustainability and the boardroom.

This report applies an engineering mindset to the ‘whole-of-society’ approach to resilience called for by the Integrated Review.

Known Unknowns or Grey Swans present us with a challenge, we see them as conceivable but unlikely, but we neglect them at great risk.

A guide which helps to understand the attributes of a resilient organisation.

This report presents evidence on resilience from the 'Coronavirus: Mental Health in the pandemic' study.

Summary: This guide aims to help communities in rural areas adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to emergencies in order to be better prepared and help reduce their (emergencies) impact when they do happen. It provides tips and case studies.

A report measuring the impact of COVID-19 on engagement and resilience levels in the workplace.

This report will help leaders make the unique and necessary choices to achieve organisational resilience in the context of their organisation.