Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience, for Resilience First members only.

A report aimed at helping companies avoid corporate catastrophe by using lesson learned from those that are creating resilient organisations.

A guide highlighting the changing nature of risk and advice on managing changes to the risk landscape.

Help for Board members to get to grips with cyber security.

A paper on how access to lifeline resources in times of emergency will drive resilience.

A programme by the World Bank Group that seeks to assist city governments to build greater resilience to climate and disaster risks.

A research paper on the perspectives of 50 plus CEOs from critical and non-critical infrastructure organisations in Australia, with a view to developing a research agenda.

A programme pioneered by Mastercard to create a new model of public-private partnerships.

A paper outlining steps HR professionals can take to introduce resilience into organisational structures

A research report detailing resilience in cities with case studies from a real estate perspective.

Introduction to the WARM framework and its application within communities with three case studies.

A review of the changing business and organisational risk landscape and what to do.

A poll on London's resilience to cater for future growth.

Guidance on how organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace, including the 10 steps to cyber security.

Societal Security – Business continuity management systems – Guidance

Societal Security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements

Security and resilience. Organizational resilience. Principles and attributes

Guidance on organizational resilience

A document detailing all risks considered relevant to London.

An NCSC guide with advice for small businesses on protecting themselves from the most common cyber-attacks.

Seven, internationally agreed global targets for disaster risk reduction and four priorities for action at Global, Regional, National and Local levels.

A 20-step, best-practice guide for effective risk management.

A comprehensive review of the risks faced at the national level, what is being done to mitigate them, and where further information can be found.

A report highlighting how G20 companies are managing in an interconnected, technologically disrupted and increasingly regulated world.

An examination of 100 profit warnings in a 12-month period and the effects on company value.