There are many reasons for wanting to reduce the carbon emissions from your business. It can enhance your reputation and keep you on the good side of your customers. It can save you money or prepare you for future government policies and regulation. Or, of course, you might just worry about the effects of global warming like the rest of us and want to do your bit.

Smaller businesses with less resource might find it harder to make the time or may think that their smaller operation won’t have much impact. But did you know that 6% of annual carbon emissions in the UK come from SMEs – that’s about 26M tonnes of CO2­. Not far short of the 34M tonnes that larger businesses produce.

It’s really important, therefore, that for business in the UK to do its bit to limit the effects of climate change – and protect their own interests and those of the customers and local communities they serve – that SMEs reduce their carbon emissions.

The latest guide on understanding how much carbon your small business emits and what you can do to reduce this is now available at Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - The SME Guide | RMS

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