Launched at the end of January, Resilience First is delighted to present its ground-breaking Resilience Self-Assessment Tool which provides a long-awaited means for businesses to measure and promote their organisation’s resilience.

The Resilience Self-Assessment Tool was developed with support from leading experts, Arup and EY.

The Tool will play a critical part in understanding your business's resilience by allowing you to benchmark against your industry peers, track your resilience performance and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Resilience First wishes to encourage all our Members to use the Tool and is making this freely available to our Member organisations. Indeed, it is one of the pledges we are asking of businesses when joining our Race to Resilience campaign. It is also very easy to use.

You can explore how it works here.


Measuring your organisational resilience

Access to this important and practical tool is through membership of Resilience First.  If you would like to enquire about joining Resilience First, please contact Beena Chester at


Simon CollinsSimon Collins, Chair, Resilience First

‘As resilience becomes a recognised priority, I recommend our members to embrace this new Resilience First self-assessment tool which will allow you to understand better your organisation’s resilience capacity as well as identify areas for improvement.  In the long term, we plan to create an accreditation scheme for resilience.’




Dr Paul Robertson, UKI Resilience Lead, EY

Dr Paul Robertson, UKI Resilience Lead, EY

'Understanding resilience exposures is a crucial first step in building a more capable, future-ready, organisation. Working with Resilience First to co-create this assessment has reaffirmed our commitment to supporting all organisations on their resilience journey.'



To request your unique login details to access the resilience self-assessment portal or to query your membership status, please contact Beena Chester at