How do we build systemic resilience to systemic risks? 

In partnership with Zurich and Marsh McLennan

Resilience First convened it's latest webinar to explore how businesses can prepare and become more resilient in a TUNA (Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel and Ambiguous) world.

The discussion was led by Zurich and Marsh McLennan, who collaborated with the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024, which presented findings from the Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS), capturing insights from nearly 1,500 global experts.

The Global Risks Report 2024 summarised that the outlook is challenging over the next 10+ years, with nearly two-thirds of respondents expecting a stormy or turbulent future. The top five risks were based on the impacts and inactions around extreme weather, AI generated misinformation and disinformation, societal and political polarization, the cost of living crisis and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.

As societies seek to adapt to these crises, their capacity to prepare for and respond to global risks will be affected. It is imperative to consider the role of the private sector in tackling these disruptions, building preparedness, bolstering resilience and innovating ways to contribute towards safe, secure and sustainable communities.

At the webinar, attendees hear from report authors and participants on what is new for the 2024 report and the strategies the private and public sector can use to build systemic resilience to systemic risks.


  • Rick Cudworth, Chair, Resilience First (Chair)
  • James Crask, Head of Strategic Risk Consulting, Marsh UK & Ireland
  • Dr John Scott, Chief Head of Sustainability Risk, Zurich Insurance