Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience, for Resilience First members only.

A study of airports and their business partners to identify best practice and areas for improvement in resilience, especially agility.

An interim government report with suggested focus areas on reviewing the power disruption in GB on the 9 August 2019.

A report informed by a workshop discussing the impact of Storm Desmond 2015.

A report on key contributors and barriers to workplace resilience, highlighting benefits of a resilience intervention.

A report highlighting the benefits of considering resilience in the urban environment with case studies and methodological approaches to support.

A study aiming to understand the role between small businesses and community resilience in rural areas.

Deloitte has issued a new report to help financial-sector organisations strengthen their operational resilience.

A review of the voluntary sector contribution in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, with key lessons to be learned.

A report highlighting how businesses are thinking creatively about their roles in disaster resilience, response and recovery with insight from business leaders.

A report sharing how business can contribute to disaster relief with best practice case studies.

A report with case studies highlighting how businesses can embrace climate change adaptation strategies.

A report highlighting risk and opportunity associated with climate change for businesses.

Findings from a 12 city assessment with a framework for measuring the resilience of cities against a broad spectrum of shocks and stresses.

A standard defining a set of indicators to steer and measure the performance of city services and quality of life.

An aide-memoire that helps make you and your business community safer, more secure and more resilient to a range of disruptions and challenges. 

A synthesis of expert knowledge designed to help cities become more resilient to shocks and stresses.

A guide providing guidance to all types of organisations, regardless of size, on social responsibility.

A guide to improving the resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services.

A guidance document to help you manage the risk of employee’s behaviour damaging your business.

An easy to follow guide with tips on protecting yourself and your company against cyber-attacks.

A basic guide to support all businesses understand areas of best practice when managing business crime incidents.

Practical flood plan guidance for communities and groups.

An extensive document detailing the findings of national flood resilience review and the actions being taken nationwide to improve flood resilience.

A framework exploring the role and resilience of individuals and communities before, during and after an emergency.